Day 73 – NO CPAP!

We are beyond thrilled to share that Aiden is completely off all respiratory support!  Aiden had chronic lung disease since birth (let’s figure out a way to change these scary medical terms, eh?).  He has done a better job than most micro preemies.  He was intubated the first two days of birth, and only for precaution.  They quickly put him on CPAP.  Over the past two months he had CPAP support to provide various levels of pressured oxygen when his lungs couldn’t do the work.  They slowly weaned his pressures until yesterday, when they decided he could breathe on his own.  We now get to see his sweet little face all the time!

He loves having his CPAP off too.  No more straps that hold prongs in his nose or a mask on his face.  Towards the end he would try to rip it off his face and the nurses would wrap his hands or swaddle him to prevent it.

The reason why this is such a huge milestone is because it means we are that much closer to going home.  Respiratory comes first.  His next step is learning to breastfeed and gain weight while he does it.  He’s already rooting and sucking on his soother.  Our nurse told us we could start as early as today…I’m a little nervous!

We spent a few days with my sister, Jessica, and brother-in-law, Kyle.  They decided to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in Vancouver and Seattle.  Jessica held Aiden for the first time and we both cried.  Aiden is lucky to have such a loving family!

Yesterday was also Canada Day and Aiden’s primary nurse decorated his crib to celebrate. Our little Canadian has double the holidays to celebrate (He’ll grow into that newborn size onesie soon…)

I love our little family.



5 thoughts on “Day 73 – NO CPAP!

  1. Yay! Lots of independence being celebrated on the perfect day! We are so excited & we can’t get enough of “your cuteness.” Crying with joy! Love you, Sweet Aiden! Love to your mom & dad too! We are always with you on this journey-we got this. ❤️
    Bebe & GBob

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  2. Just an FYI – Bob & I will be in Vancouver July 8 PM and the 9th in the first part of the day. Would love to get together, zip you out for a bite….
    Can you access my email? If not get it from Rosemary. Great progress for Little Fire!


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