Day 54 – The Infection has a Name

We have an update on Aiden’s infection.  All of the doctors were surprised nothing showed up on the blood or urinalysis culture during the first 24 hours.  Aiden had a high inflammation count, which is a good indication of infection.  But nothing was growing in his petri dishes.  Finally, yesterday afternoon, about 30 hours after his test was taken, his urine showed a Urinary Tract Infection: E. coli.

The doctor said E. coli are like little spiders that crawl through the body (um, gross) and likely made their way into the blood stream through the kidneys.  Even though the blood culture isn’t growing the bacteria, he believes it’s there because of Aiden’s high inflammation count.

They are currently testing antibiotics on the strain in his urine culture to see what kills it faster so they can tailor a better antibiotic for him.

The good news is they can treat this.  He already received antibiotics on Friday that started working against this bacteria.  E. coli is everywhere, especially with the number of dirty diapers changed in the NICU!  We are so thankful they caught it and are treating it.

Aiden is doing much better.  His skin color is pink, he is as feisty as ever (yesterday he pulled out an IV and feeding tube) and he cries loudly.  We are so glad to have our little fire back.


5 thoughts on “Day 54 – The Infection has a Name

  1. Eric and Jamie, wow! I spent the last hour reading through your blog. You guys are so strong! And sweet, sweet Aiden! He is such a fighter! Jamie, I loved reading your stories. You are such a good mommy! You guys are my heroes! Sending good vibes your way from the Quartuccio family!

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