41 Days – Memorial Weekend in Canada

We would like to start this post with recognizing Memorial Day.  Thank you to all service members that put their lives on the line for our freedom every day.  My father was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and my grandfather was in the Air Force during WWII.  While this holiday is not celebrated in Canada, Eric and I both wanted to recognize it.

We have quite a few updates on Aiden.

  1. Aiden has reached 1,418 grams!  You guys, he is almost double his birth weight!  He’s on 18 milliliters every 2 hours.  Remember when he couldn’t handle 1 milliliter? That seems like a long time ago.
  2. Aiden will have further routine tests tomorrow: Eyes – it’s common for preemies to have eye issues.  The blood vessels to their retina can grow incorrectly, which causes blindness at the most severe case.  We heard the actual test is like Clockwork Orange.  (I will not be there for this test.)  Brain – he has a routine brain scan.  Let’s hope all is still good here.  Blood – this happens weekly.  We will report back on the results.
  3. The doctors decided to reduce Aiden’s CPAP back to one level of pressure instead of two.  He’s off NIV and we’re happy for it.  This is a step forward.
  4. The doctors moved Aiden to another area of the room because of his sensitivity to noise.  A brand new BC Women’s and Children’s hospital is under construction now, and they plan to keep some of the current hospital buildings.  The construction causes noise – which can’t be helped – so they moved Aiden as far away as possible.
  5. Finally, Aiden likely has one or two hernias.  This happens in 50% of male preemies.  This is easily fixed through surgery.  They plan to do it a couple days before he’s discharged because they want him to be at his healthiest.  They will sedate him, only Tylenol is needed for the recovery and he will have small scars.  Just pile it on and we will handle it!

We had a nice weekend, Eric’s parents were in town.  I bought Eric and his dad an early Father’s Day gift of golf at Furry Creek.  Teri and I shopped downtown.  We ate at some amazing restaurants.  We are loving this city!




2 thoughts on “41 Days – Memorial Weekend in Canada

  1. Your family is in my prayers. I have been in Africa for the last several weeks. So glad to hear how Aiden is growing.

    Rosemary is a dear friend!

    Continue your positive attitude!

    Hugs and prayers headed your way. Lynn Barnett

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