Day 24 – Aiden’s Smile

We caught Aiden smiling!  The nurse told us it was gas, but I like to think he was smiling at us.

He had a hard time handling higher feeds the past few days.  The doctors dropped him to 5 mL and tonight he will be back up to 8 mL.  He now weighs 880 grams, which is great! Let’s hope increasing milk every 12 hours isn’t too much for him.

His blood culture came back negative for staph.  I’m so glad they removed the PICC line (the source of the infection).  He will continue antibiotics until May 17th.  His desats continue, I’m getting used to the alarm.

Our Superman

Eric will stay in LA for a few more days.  He put together the crib this week, I love how it turned out.  I can’t wait to get home and decorate the nursery.  The planner in me is really annoyed I didn’t get the chance to put the room together.  Our son has taught us early we cannot control everything.

Nice building skills, babe.




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