Day 20 – Major Improvements

I am excited to share Aiden’s improvements over the past 24 hours.  I was with him when the doctors conducted their rounds this morning.  Mondays are usually big days because the full staff of doctors are present and they discuss pros/cons and determine the best action for each preemie.

  1. They adjusted his CPAP settings to give him pressure less frequently, over longer periods of time.  He still desats but pulls himself out of it quickly.  This is a great sign that he can handle his breathing.  He was on room air for quite a while today!  No more discussions about intubation, let’s keep it that way.
  2. He has another staph infection.  Which isn’t great news.  The doctors determined it’s caused by the PICC line.  He’s been on antibiotics, but the infection will not go away without removing the PICC line.  They decided to remove it.  Which also means…
  3. He is no longer on synthetic food!  He is on breast milk with added calories and nutrients.  It’s not good for him to be on synthetic food for too long.  I spoke with the nutritionist for a while today and she has taken on Aiden’s case so she can manage his intake.  It’s very important for him to start gaining weight now.
  4. He is increasing the amount of breast milk steadily – 8 mL today and 9 mL at midnight.  Let’s hope and pray he can handle these amounts and more, so that we can keep him on track.

We were so relieved to hear the progress.  You can see in the above photo that he’s comfortable.  We’re giving him a break from cuddling so he can rest. Come on, Aiden!

Eric went home today to check on the house, work and take care of our animals.  Clearly our cat is not happy with us.

She destroyed the toilet paper.



4 thoughts on “Day 20 – Major Improvements

  1. So happy Aiden is doing well. I check on him daily…so glad you have this website. Take care of each other. I will be so happy when you 3 can go home together. You all stay in my thoughts and prayers. Love sara

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