Day 19 – Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.  I am incredibly thankful for my mother, two sisters and mother-in-law, all mothers who teach love, the importance of family and laughter during hard times.  I look forward to teaching the same values to our son.

Eric treated me to brunch at VanDusen Botanical Gardens this morning and we spent time cuddling with Aiden later this afternoon.  I still cannot believe we are celebrating this day!

Now onto Aiden’s health.  We’ve talked extensively with Respiratory Therapists about Aiden’s difficulty with breathing the past 4 – 5 days and the possibility to intubate.  We absolutely don’t want Aiden to take this step back, but he may need to do it if he cannot gain weight.  He is below the normal weight gain because he’s burning too many calories to breathe.  He did so well the past couple of weeks we expect that to continue, but the doctors think he may be getting tired.

Our nurse tonight noticed noise and light bother him and he needs to sleep on his stomach because it supports the muscles that haven’t yet developed.  His de-sats reduced significantly when she started.  She has worked with prems for 10 years, so we asked her tonight if she would be one of our primary nurses (meaning she’s assigned to Aiden when she works).  She agreed.  Eric cracked a joke about me asking her to go to the dance with me.  Yes, please don’t reject me because you are reducing his de-sats!

Aiden will be 28 weeks gestation tomorrow.

Aiden’s footprint at 27 weeks.  His toes are so tiny!



3 thoughts on “Day 19 – Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mothers Day Jamie. Hope Aiden is breathing easier when that angel of a nurse watching down on him. something tells me she will be a lifelong friend. nothing like someone caring for your baby as if they were their own.

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