Day 15 – A Better Day

We are happy to report Aiden’s second set of blood results came back and he is clear of infection.  He now weighs 800 grams and is eating well.  He’s on 6 milliliters every two hours and they’ve added a supplement to his food to help increase his weight.

Rachel told us the scariest time period for preemies is the first 10 days of their lives.  Some babies struggle through that time and others do really well.  Aiden’s doing really well (thank God).  Another doctor told us to compare Aiden’s progress to the stock market.  There will be dips, but as long as the stock is continually increasing, don’t panic and sell.

The insurance company told us they won’t cover medical transport to bring Aiden to LA.  We will be here until he’s completely healthy and ready to come home.  Looks like we’ll be exploring more of Vancouver!  If only I wasn’t chained to a breast pump every 3 hours…

It’s hard to be separated from our pets at home.  We have a 6 month old puppy (Kona) and a six-year-old cat (Chloe).  It’s impossible for us to be in two places at once, we are so grateful for family and friends that are helping care for them.

Lastly, I read a letter posted on a bulletin board from a fellow NICU mom and it spoke to me (I cried my eyes out):



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