Day 11 – Eric & Aiden

Eric held Aiden for the first time tonight.  Aiden opened his eyes and stared at his dad for a long time.  Eric’s mom, Rosemary, is in town and spent time with us as well.

The doctors decided to draw Aiden’s blood this afternoon and test for infection.  Nothing alarming has come back so far, his white blood cell and protein counts are high, but lower than the latest test.  They gave a urinalysis and it also came back okay.  Even though it’s good news with the test results, they don’t always catch an infection.  They will continue to monitor him.

We are reminded that life is precious and our son is working hard to survive.


5 thoughts on “Day 11 – Eric & Aiden

  1. I love my little Aiden! He is a beautiful baby. He has really long fingers & legs. He wiggles a lot & makes faces too. I have loved spending time with him. Bebe (Rosemary)

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  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date, Jamie, and especially for the pictures. So happy to see Rosemary aka Bebe there with you all. Love and prayers!

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  3. Thinking about baby Aiden everyday. It is great to see Rosemary there. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love to you all. Sending nothing but positive vibes.

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