Day 10 – Ups & Downs

Our sweet Aiden had a rough morning.  He continued to have de-sats, or low oxygen levels.  I was holding him for about two hours this morning and had to stimulate him to remind him to breathe, I had to rub his back and wake him up so he could bring himself back.

We had a hard time dealing with today and his instability.  He was doing so well the past 9 days we expected him to continue to improve.  All the doctors told us it was normal to have these dips and he’s learning how to manage his breathing.

The doctors had some concern he may have an infection because of his oxygen dips, his temperature increased slightly and he was struggling with his feedings.  They were considering drawing blood to test for an infection.  They want to avoid this because he cannot regenerate red blood cells yet, he would need blood transfusions if they draw too much.  They ultimately decided to wait it out and monitor overnight.

The ups and downs are stressful, we want our little boy to be okay.

The positive side of today is Aiden is now over his birth weight.  He weighs 738 grams, up 23 grams from birth and up 98 grams from a few days ago (welcome to the metric system, Americans).  It’s a milestone for him to pass his birth weight.


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