Day 8 – Poop!

We never thought we’d be so happy to hear that word.  Aiden struggled with feeding for a couple days.  They started his feeding again at midnight last night.  Everyone was waiting for a bowel movement to show he was digesting the breast milk.  We learned all about rectum stimulation and bicycle kicks.  We’re excited to share he finally had a bowel movement this afternoon!  The doctors are increasing his feedings.

Bicycle kicks!

We love having skin to skin with Aiden, about 90 minutes per night.  He needs to be on my bare chest so he can smell my scent, hear my heartbeat and touch my skin.  They told us places in Sweden give 22 hours per day of skin to skin.  They want us to sing, read stories and talk quietly to Aiden to help with his development.

Sometimes Aiden forgets to breath and his heart beat will stop, but it’s normal for preemies.  When that happens we need to stimulate him by rubbing his back and making him mad.  He also opens his mouth a lot and the oxygen escapes.  We are constantly holding his mouth shut, or the nurses put a chin strap on him.  What these babies go through to survive is amazing…it’s hard for us to watch.  As parents, we only want to comfort him.

My parents are still here and  very supportive.  We’ve managed to see a few Vancouver sites like Queen Elizabeth Park and Granville Island.  Eric is working so he isn’t able to join us during the day.

Granville Island art

Pumping doesn’t allow me to get away very long and keeps my appetite up.  I had a record day.  I’m starting to worry I’ll overfill the containers…

Dairy Queen

4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Poop!

  1. All very good news and I am so happy I get to see the three of you very soon, especially Aiden. Wow! That Dairy Queen pic, Way to go, Jamie! I love all of you very much. Bebe

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  2. love love love that you are including us in Aidens development. the progress is amazing. and look at you milking like a hfr here on the farm…….sorry, i couldn’t resist. Jodi use to say pumping milk was way too close to how we used to milk the cows.

    love ya Jamie.

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  3. Congrats on your handsome boy! You guys are such brave, strong & inspiring parents. Prayers & love sent your way! Let us know how we can help.

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