Day 6 – Daddy’s 1st Diaper Change

Grandpa Dwight and Grandma Teri had their last visit with Aiden today before heading home.  We took a photo of the pump room where I’ve been spending a lot of time.



Bebe (Eric’s mom) wrote a letter to Aiden, which Eric read out loud.  “Welcome! I am going to be your Bebe.  I plan to travel to meet you very soon and I will bring a book to read to you.  It will be one of the many times we share together.  I can’t wait to get started.”  It was so sweet.

Aiden opened his eyes today, he still can’t see us but we are eager to see his beautiful eyes.  We wonder if they will be green or brown.


Dad had his first diaper change and lucked out it was a clean diaper (mom wasn’t so lucky).  He also took Aiden’s temperature.



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